claudiaprayer_promo_fbWhile the identity of Claudia herself may be a bit of mystery, the immediate appeal and grace of her singing is not. Her latest single release is “I’m Living on a Prayer”. She is inhabited by the spirit of the time, and the material, bringing to it a slightly pan-European sounding class that gives a very modern edge to classic era pop material. File alongside your Serge Gainsbourg/Bardot/Birkin material. If Austin Powers were throwing a party, he’d have the Claudia single on the stereo. Yeah baby.

Claudia herself is an unassuming and surprisingly down-to-earth artist. Despite having kept a low public profile since joining the World Wide Vibe galaxy of artists (her two previous releases are on the Sourmash USA and PreFab International labels), she is an important supporter and friend to many creative souls in such various fields as music, painting, writing, and dance. She is just as likely to be found at a gallery opening to support a visual artist friend as she is at a poetry reading to support one of her many writing friends.

“The best way for me to communicate by expression is through my work — my art.” Claudia recently told the European magazine Rock and Folk. “Expression through art is such a human emotion and through it one can connect with another person in a way that is so special and deep. Pop music for me is a wonderful pallette in which I can paint through music my innermost feelings and ideas. For me there is no other way that I can make such a direct connection.”


Claudia Discography

2013 Living On A Prayer (single) World Wide Vibe Records
2012 It’s a PreFab World compilation includes “Oh So Strange”, “About a Girl” and others. PreFab International Records
2006 The Chelsea Sessions CD “I’ll Be Your Mirror” and “End of the World” SourMash USA.

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