Phil Gammage sings an Elvis song and discusses the new Adventures in Bluesland album The American Dream on the April 22, 2015 Circus Analysis radio show. With hosts Lauren Dragon and Cee Stephen on City World Radio Network.

Phil Gammage, Don Fiorino, and Kevin Tooley perform live in the Little Water Radio studio their Adventures in Bluesland songs: One Kind Favor / Watching the Traffic Flow / Ain’t That Something / What Tomorrow Brings.

Phil is interviewed by Rock ‘n Soul show host DJ Rob Select and talks about our new album The American Dream, his past work with France’s New Rose Records, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and his claim that he invented the music genre Americana(!). Listen up!

Archived web radio cast featuring Keeping the Blues Alive from John Sinclair with Adventures in Bluesland.
Listen to the entire December 12, 2014 broadcast from Radio Free Amsterdam.





from Phil Gammage Adventures in Bluesland

from The Hotheads Things My Baby Did For Me

from Claudia I’m Living on a Prayer

from The Ghetto Rats Black Ink

from The Ghetto Rats Bang Bang

from The Hotheads Gun Culture

from Phil Gammage Giveaway


from Certain General with Julee Cruise album Live it Down

from The Hotheads single You Can’t Hustle This

from Certain General album Stolen Car

“Goodbye Kisses”

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