The Plastic Pals

pals_promo_prereleaseThe great new single from Sweden’s The Plastic Pals is “Riding with Elvis” and it’s available for digital download exclusively on World Wide Vibe Records.

Personnel: Håkan “Hawk” Soold: vocals and guitars; Bengt Alm: bass; Olov Öqvist: drums and percussion; Anders Sahlin: guitars. Words/music: Håkan “Hawk” Soold. Produced by Håkan “Hawk” Soold. Mixed by Ollie Olson in Stockholm. Mastered by Classe Persson, Stockholm

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“Riding with Elvis” single cover image.
The Plastic Pals live (please credit Ghurbir Dillon).
The Plastic Pals in the U.K. black and white.
The Plastic Pals in Central Park NYC.

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“Tighter than Willy Deville´s crocodile boots.”
(Anders Tapola, Swedish paper Smålandsposten)

Magic melodies with a dark edge. Manna from guitar heaven for friends and fans of The Long Ryders, The Dream Syndicate, Flamin´ Groovies, The Velvets and Television.

Take the fiery guitars of bands like Television, Flamin´ Groovies and The Dream Syndicate, add a pinch of Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground and a dash of magic melodies with a dark edge. Bring to the boil with a soulful and groovy base of drums and bass. Stir well and season to taste with the finest spices from the legacy of rock and roll – from Hank to Hendrix, from Gram to The Long Ryders, from The Beatles to Alex Chilton, from Townes to Paul K, from Coltrane to Television. The list goes on… There you have the taste and the sound of these guitar slingers from Stockholm, Sweden – The Plastic Pals. Dinner is served – Bon Appetit!

Formed in 2005 The Plastic Pals released their debut album Good Karma Café (with guest appearances by former Green on Red keyboard maestro Chris Cacavas) in 2008. A somewhat americana-tinged affair, and yet still true to the twin guitar-paisley-garage-powerpop-New York rock aesthetics the band presented on their debut EP The Band That´s Fun To Be With (2006). In 2013 their second full-length album Turn The Tide (produced by Chris Cacavas) was released. All releases have got raving reviews and a lot of airplay.

The Plastic Pals have opened for ex-Green on Red guitar slinger Chuck Prophet and Australian garage rock legends The New Christs – with Rob Younger from Radio Birdman and Jim Dickson from The Barracudas – and for The Dream Syndicate, Steve Wynn, The Fleshtones, Chris Cacavas, Dan Stuart and The Nomads.

In November 2013 The Plastic Pals went on a mini-tour to New York/New Jersey where they played with local bands like Band of Outsiders, The Cynz and Phil Gammage´s band The Rebel Factory. Apart from local Stockholm gigs and tours in Sweden the band have also played in London, Liverpool, Norway and Copenhagen.

“Turn The Tide” (album – vinyl and CD) 2013
“Good Karma Café” 2008 (album – CD)
“The band that´s fun to be with” 2006 (EP – CD)

On Riding with Elvis

For me the initial idea for a song usually comes from when I´m strumming my guitar and a riff comes up or a title pops up in my head. This time it was both. I was strumming my guitar and I almost initially felt that the song should be called Riding with Elvis. Going on to the minor chord that opens the verse and then the rest of the chords the words just came to me as I was playing. Same thing with second verse: Jamming with Janis, that felt like a logicaisl follow-up to the first verse. The chorus mentions my local, my favourite pub Harvest Home, located in the southern part of Stockholm City called Södermalm: You can call me on the telephone or leave me a note down at Harvest Home, try just about anything, honey, but please don´t leave me alone.

The song developed pretty fast in our rehearsal room. Our drummer Olov Öqvist and our bass player Bengt Alm almost immediately found a Elvis-style soul rhythm that fits the song. And our guitarist Anders came up with these killer licks. I think it took only a month or so before the song took a permanent spot in our live set.

We recorded the basic tracks for the song at Real Music Studio, an analogue reel to reel studio in Stockholm. Then my son Simon helped me and Anders out, recording a couple of guitar overdubs in our rehearsal room. I recorded lead vocals and backing vocals in Jonathan Segel from Camper van Beethoven´s home studio (also in Stockholm). The song was mixed by Ollie Olson and mastered by Classe Persson (in Stockholm).


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