Faith NYC’s Felice Rosser wins 2017 Acker Award.

In the news: Faith NYC‘s Felice Rosser wins 2017 Acker Award.



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New Phil Gammage Music Video “Maybe Tomorrow”

New York-based recording artist Phil Gammage’s latest music video from his new album Used Man For Sale is for his song “Maybe Tomorrow”. The tune is a departure from Phil’s usual blues-based songwriting style and captures the vibe of the 1960’s era Nashville “countrypolitan sound”. It features a Floyd Cramer influenced piano along Gammage’s powerful baritone lead vocals.

Filmed in Miami Beach, Florida, Gammage had this to say of the song,

“When we went into the studio to record ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ my producer Kevin Tooley and I wanted to capture the vibe of the 1960’s-era Nashville “countrypolitan sound”. The song is a bit of a departure from my usual blues-based songwriting style but it fits in nicely with the rest of the songs on the Used Man For Sale album. We filmed it in Miami Beach and like almost all of my music videos it’s in black and white. I love the retro feel it gives video.”

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Phil Gammage Live on Little Water Radio Oct. 20 1pm ET

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“Used Man For Sale” on Sale Here!

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Phil Gammage “Used Man For Sale” New Album

Available exclusively at Bandcamp. Hand signed CD or digital download.

“A modern day masterpiece.” ~ No Depression.

“….the sheer quality of musicianship displayed on tracks like “Arms of a Kind Woman” and really the album at large is exceptional.”
Vancouver Weekly

“Phil Gammage lounge loose style song – ‘Arms of a Kind Woman’ uplifts you even if your life ain’t goin’ so well, because you may meet someone who gives you some ‘salvation’ to your heart and soul.”
Clown Magazine (U.K.)


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“A Modern Day Masterpiece” – No Depression on Gammage’s New Album

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