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Phil Gammage
"Adventures in Bluesland"
Phil Gammage: Adventures in Bluesland

Phil Gammage
"Kneel to the Rising Sun"
20th Anniversary Edition

originally released on New Rose (France)
Phil Gammage: Kneel to the Rising Sun

The Scarlet Dukes
"Rogue Escapade"
Jump blues/swing
The Scarlet Dukes: Rogue Escapades
The Scarlet Dukes - Rogue Escapades

Certain General
"November's Heat" 1985's classic NYC post-punk LP
Certain General: November

Phil Gammage
"Tracks of Sound"
Edgy downtown jazz
Phil Gammage: Tracks of Sound
Phil Gammage - Tracks of Sound


April 2014

New blog that our readers will enjoy Bob's tips on becoming a successful Punk Rocker. Check it out!

April 2011

original website homepageOops! We tragically forgot about our 10th anniversary last year but won't be caught making the same mistake this time around. We are now starting our 11th year!! The site launched in March of 2000. Originally inspired by Steve Kulpa's site for his band the Defex, we have grown steadily in the past eleven years and in recent weeks have undergone a significant upgrade including the relaunch of our audio page.

March 2011

Audio page relaunched with clips from Defex, Jonny 3, Gluons, Young Weasels, Corvairs, John Martine, Frantix, Varve, and others. A new video page created.

New page added for The Visitors. Also new Visitors press and poster added.

December 2009

coverHotel for Women the 1981 4-song E.P. that introduced 88 Lines about 44 Women to the world, has been remastered and expanded to contain not only the original 4 songs, but a TON of unreleased bonus tracks, over 60 minutes of great music. Highlights include:

  • The only available completely remastered original version of 88 Lines about 44 Women
  • The entire 1981 Hotel for Women recording session consisting of 5 unreleased songs
  • 1982 studio recordings including unreleased versions of 88 Lines about 44 Women, and much more
  • CD digipak with beautifully restored artwork and a cover poster!

Holiday pricing in effect!

If you order from The Nails' Store Page, the following holiday discounts apply!

  • US $2 discount if you order combinations of different CDs
  • Super Special - order all 3 CDs for US $6 discount!!

April 2009

New deluxe double LP (with a free CD and a 24-page booklet) released "Rocky Mountain Low: The Colorado Musical Underground Of The Late 1970s"

It's finally out folks! Visit their site for ordering info. This is the second Colorado punk compilation in the past year...

(official press release)

cd cover Rocky Mountain Low is a unique portrayal of a late-1970s American Punk/New Wave scene. It is the first time that a Punk/New Wave scene, from its inception in 1976 through to the end of 1979, has been documented in its entirety. In their presentation of Colorado's musical reaction to the initial wake of Punk Rock in the late 1970s, the compilers have set the bar unattainably high for future would-be historians. While Colorado's late-1970s underground music scene was small and existed on the margins of the larger, more well-known scenes, its documentation is important in that what is being presented is a complete and accurate portrayal of part of the cultural movement that was taking place at the time. Thorough and comprehensive research viewed through an objective lens provides a previously unseen snapshot of America's musical underground of the period. This documentation shows that the Punk movement of the late 1970s was anything but paint-by numbers - a concept that seems to have been sadly lost on younger generations.

Until now, very little has been known about what transpired in Colorado's musical underground in the late 1970s. Did you know that Wax Trax, who later became world famous for their record label in the 1980s, started as a store in Denver in 1975? Their early story is told here. Or that Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys fame is a Boulder native? Contained in this compilation you will find the origins of the Dead Kennedys name as well as some of Jello's pre-Dead Kennedys recordings, available for the first time ever (including a bonus, vinyl only recording of the improvised, very crude original "California Uber Alles").

posterBut it is much more than success stories that comprise any music scene. Though a tiny number of bands from this scene released records, the vast majority of the groups presented here are unknown and unheard until now. It is their collective story and music that is compiled here in great detail, contextualized within the broader musical and cultural underground of the time.

Rocky Mountain Low presents Colorado's entire late-1970s Punk/New Wave scene within a deluxe, double LP package which includes a bonus CD of the recordings, as well as a 24-page booklet containing extensive historical liner notes, dozens of photos, and complete biographies for 19 bands, 17 of which are represented with recordings: Ravers - Front - Radio Pete - Jonny III - Immortal Nightflames - Joey Vain & Scissors - Dancing Assholes - Dirty Dogs - Corvairs - Lilly Rose & The Thorns - DefeX - Healers - Instants - Profalactics - Guys - Cells - Transistors. 32 songs/84 minutes of music. All material is previously unreleased with the exception of the Dirty Dogs track which was taken from their 45, self-released in 1978.

Read more about it here.

March 2008

Rock Advocates NOW on YouTube

The Rock Advocates have posted 8 videos to YouTube of songs performed live in 1988 at The World Famous Cricket On The Hill in Denver, Colorado. The band features Bob Swanson/bass/vocals (original Aviator),his brother, Jim Swanson/guitar,vocals, Tim Mainwaring/drums and Kenny Vaughan (Jonny III)/guitar/vocals.

Bob has said, "After Walabi's closed in 1985, we were looking for another place that still had heart. We found it at the Cricket."

February 2008

New compilation released on Smooch Records Local Anesthetic

As reported in our August 2006 news blurb the CD collecting all of the 1980s Denver label Local Anesthetic 45s has been released. Here is the official Smooch Records press blurb from their website. A review of the CD will be forthcoming on this site in the near future.

local coverLocal Anesthetic was the name of the record label run by Wax Trax Records co-owner Duane Davis in the early 80s. It was the only independent label in Denver of the era that released more than one title and thankfully for us, Mr Davis has pretty good taste. It was not simply a punk label, but a reflection of some of the better bands of the era & also friends (and employees) of Wax Trax. The first single released featured Allen Ginsberg reciting poetry for the vocals of the A-side. The second single was by Your Funeral, who were a a goth-garage pop-rock band. But in the early 80s, Denver was home to some hardcore bands that were on par with any other hardcore band of the era. Bum Kon and White Trash proved to play as fast & loud as any of the touring bands. Frantix paved the way for the kids of Bum Kon & White Trash before later morphing into the Fluid. Young Weasels predate the hardcore scene and for lack of better words, sound a little new-wave, but a little on the dark side (the A-side, 'Twist & Burn) and also poppy (the B-side, 'Happy Feathers'). Jeri Rossi of Your Funeral recorded perhaps my personal favorite single of the lot with her song, 'I Left My Heart But I Don't Know Where.' When I first heard it as a teenager it reminded me of a Teenage Lydia Lunch.

This CD compiles all of those singles, all that were ever released by Local Anesthetic, but also includes 3 early Colorado punk singles. The Defex single is pure '77 punk and both sides should be considered classic punk songs. But the only folks that know it have to pay hundreds on eBay, until now of course. The Nails 'Cops Are Punks' is a catchy number, also from '77. First dubbed the Ravers, the band changed their name at the time of the single was originally released so this single can be found under 2 different names. The Nails went on to have a hit with '88 Lines About 44 Women' after relocating to NYC. The Rok Tots single is probably the most rockin' of the bunch and the band still exists today. These singles are part of punk rock history but this chapter is usually missing from all the books. This CD contains all songs from the singles, including Frantix songs that did not make it to their CD release on Afterburn, and a different mix of the Bum Kon single than that of the upcoming Bum Kon release.

Track Listing:

1. frantix 'my dad's a fucking alcoholic'
2. frantix 'car'
3. frantix 'your ill'
4. frantix 'my dad's dead'
5. your funeral 'i wanna be you'
6. your funeral 'the abyss'
7. white trash 'wake up'
8. white trash 'nazis in my neighborhood'
9. white trash 'ballad of ronnie raygun'
10. white trash 'i hate toes'
11. white trash 'daddy warbucks'
12. young weasels 'twist & burn'
13. young weasels 'happy feathers'
14. bum kon 'bum kon'
15. bum kon 'forced away'
16. bum kon 'drunken sex sucks'
17. bum kon 'the draft'
18. bum kon 'slow death'
19. gluons with allen ginsberg 'birdbrain'
20. gluons 'sue your parents'
21. frantix 'face reality'
22. frantix 'cat mouse'
23. frantix 'sharin' sharon'
24. frantix 'new questions'
25. jeri rossi 'i left my heart but i dont know where'
26. jeri rossi 'it's a mans mans mans world
27. rok tots 'suicide weekend'
28. rok tots 'situation kid'
29. defex 'psycho surfer'
30. defex 'machine gun love'
31. nails 'cops are punks'
32. nails 'big star'
33. nails 'another lesson'

July 2007

Nails News --- Summer 2007 Edition

Hi Nails Friends,
Mood Swing and Now Dangerous Dreams now available on The Nails' website Mood Swing CD was released in May. Now, we have finally released Dangerous Dreams on CD. As Mood Swing, Dangerous Dreams was also remastered at Sony Studios from the original RCA tapes. Both George and I attended the mastering sessions to make sure of optimum sound quality. The artwork has been lovingly recreated. The CD contains bonus tracks including an unreleased live performance from 1985. Dangerous Dreams contains "Things You Left Behind", "The Veil" and a host of great songs.

In August, 1986, Robert Palmer of the NY Times wrote: The Nails new album Dangerous Dreams is a notable improvement over its predecessor ...The songs on Dangerous Dreams tackle the sort of subjects that used to be more commonly addressed by rockers before video images and joke haircuts dominated the pop marketplace to the degree they do now.

Mood Swing and Dangerous Dreams retail at US $10.99 plus shipping and handling. If you prefer, you can also purchase Mood Swing from, , iTunes Music Store and, a site where you can download drm-free MP3s for use in any MP3 player. Dangerous Dreams is also available on and will be available elsewhere in a few weeks.

-- The CD Remastering Story
George has the remastering story on his web page. Check it out! Would you believe what started the process to get our CDs released was a "snail mail" letter to BMG Special Products? It's true!

-- Write a Review
Quite a few of you have purchased Mood Swing at the above online outlets. Please write some reviews on Amazon, CD Baby or iTunes Music Store. This will help garner a new generation of fans for The Nails. Thank you in advance.

-- Our Message Board
You can also share your thoughts about The Nails on our Bulletin Board

-- Dave's Retrospective
In the last newsletter I reported my uploading solo songs I recorded during my time with The Nails. I recently uploaded another song, a cover of a song by Marc & my Colorado group The Ravers, called Standard of Living This was recorded in 1983.

Thank you.
David Kaufman on behalf of The Nails

June 2007

cover Rock Advocates available NOW via ITUNES!

Quest For Girls (The Best of The Rock Advocates 1980 - 1995).
23 songs.......including the singles from 1980 (Electric Man/Waited Too Long) and 1981 (Quest For Girls/Rock Advocates Theme)

DefeX Film on Youtube

View 3 minutes of a 8mm film from a DefeX gig at CU in Boulder along with a soundtrack made of 2 songs from the Beyond Machine Gun Love album by the DefeX.

Remastered Mood Swing CD to be available on The Nails' website May 20, 2007

This has been a long time in coming. We have finally released Mood Swing on CD for real. Mood Swing was remastered at Sony Studios NYC from the original RCA tapes. Both George and I attended the mastering sessions to make sure of optimum sound quality. The art work has been lovingly recreated. The CD contains bonus dance mixes as well. Mood Swing contains the "hit" version of 88 Lines about 44 Women and Home of the Brave which still gets airplay in Chicago. Read the All Music Guide Review.

lp coverMood Swing will retail at US $10.99 plus shipping and handling. If you prefer, you can also purchase Mood Swing from and when available.

We are working on Dangerous Dreams which should be available around a month or so after Mood Swing becomes available. We'll send out another announcement when it's released.

Many of you have asked about digital downloads. Unfortunately we are not permitted at this time. We hope to offer this or have the songs on iTunes in the future.

The Saga of Corpus Christi

The Nails have never been paid for Corpus Christi. Please don't purchase any items associated with Corpus Christi. This includes the CD, iTunes and any ringtones. If you have any information about the whereabouts of Safe House Records, please let us know.

Enhanced MP3 versions of all Corpus Christi songs are available FREE on George Kaufman's website. Therefore, there's no need to purchase!

May 2007

Visit Trash Is Truth the ultimate Colorado punk rock poster site for the years '77 to '86

April 2007

Read about the Corvairs at White Noise! (in German)

August 2006

New CD compilation of Colorado punk circa 77-83 called Local Anesthetic is in the planning stages
I am hoping that you can help spread the word both to the bands & the public about a new project I am working on...Smooch Records is officially now putting together a CD compilation of colorado punk circa 1977-83 called Local Anesthetic. hopefully it will contain all of the singles released by Local Anesthetic-so far all bands I've contacted have said yes. But it will also have 'bonus' songs by bands from CO from 77-83 that were not on L.A.

Duane Davis, the owner of Wax Trax, is writing the liner notes and Bob Ferbrache is going to master it. It will be released next year and Wax Trax will be throwing a huge CD release party with some of the old bands reforming to play this show. bands have been asked but nothing is confirmed. I've just begun contacting all of the bands but do not yet have contact info for all of the bands i'm trying to track down. I'm also open to bands I'm unaware of to submit songs for the project, provided they are from Colorado and existed somewhere between 77-83. This should be great once completed. I'm also asking that photos, flyers, album art, etc be sent to me to be used in the artwork for the CD. Thanks!

Andrew Murphy

July 2006

78-88 Denver Punk Reunion
IT'S TIME. Denvers original punks are coming together for a night of music, mayhem and memories. The first annual 78-88 Denver Punk Reunion is going down the night of August 19th at the Hi-Dive (7 South Broadway) in Denver. DJs Chris Dragos & Chris Irvin are digging deep into old collections of Denvers local punk bands and will be playing sets on request. Miss hearing The Frantix? Da Butcherz? Uberfall? ASF? Jill Razer, Denvers punk show promoter extrordinaire is suppling the music from her seemingly endless collection. If you remember it, chances are it will be there. Also there will be copies of old Denver show flyers up for grabs, and a slideshow of the scene for a blast to the past.

Old punks from the scene are coming from as far away as the former Soviet Union for this reunion, so the only thing to know is: If you were there THEN, then be there NOW!

Doors open at 7pm. No cover!

March 2006

Historic Nails Recordings to be Released?
marc campbell
Love me green fairy?
Rumor has it that licensing rights to the two LPs recorded for RCA Records by the Nails in the mid 80s are on the verse of finally being released. This could mean these two records could see their first official release in digital format after almost 20 years of being out of print!

Songs from these two LPs "Dangerous Dreams" and "Mood Swing" occasionally have shown up on 80s new wave compilation CDs through the years and of course 88 Lines About 44 Women was used extensively in a Mazda commercial in the late 90s. You've probably heard "88 Lines" even if you didn't know it was the Nails performing it.

Oldtimers from the late 70s Colorado punk scene will recall the Nails started out as Boulder's Ravers before relocating to Gotham in the summer of 1978. Along with Denver's the Front they peformed at some of the earliest Colorado punk shows. After releasing several 45s and EPs on local record labels (including their debut 45 as the Ravers on Boulder's Screwball Records) they were signed by RCA in the mid 80s. After the release of these 2 critically acclaimed LPs they were unceremoniously dropped from that label in a corporate housecleaning (others dropped at that time were critic's darlings The Silos and Boston's Treat Her Right).

For the last 20 years or so the ownership of the licensing rights to these LPs has remained in limbo with RCA who apparently has never had any interest in seeing a legitimate release of them--despite the popularity of "88 Lines" due to it's use in the Mazda commercial. Considering the increased sales of several automobile commercial related pop songs in recent years this has to have been a massive blunder.

The band reunited briefly about the time of the Mazda commerical but recording efforts were derailed when original singer/lyricist Marc Campbell left the east coast to pursue his Western American absynth "green fairy" visions. His current whereabouts are unknown.

For all the latest in the saga of these 2 important LPs and their potential digital release in the future visit the Nails groovy website.

May 2004

Jonny 3 CD "Her Little Red Wagon" released.
Folks this is big news. It took a few years (26 to be exact) but it's finally here...the long awaited Jonny 3 CD. 12 killer rock tunes featuring the drumming and guitar playing of maestros Leroy X and Kenny Vaughan. Hats off to the lads for sticking with it and giving us this great musical gift.

Songs include "The Swami of Habeesh", "Until I'm Not", "Her Little Red Wagon", "Chili Down, Bop!", "Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild!", "Purgatory Point", and "Dirty Old Man". Starting off with their neo-surfish instrumental "Habeesh", this CD rocks in a BIG way and fans of the band from their Denver and Chicago days will NOT be dissapointed.

Also in the works from the Jonny 3 camp (currently Nashville-based) is an upcoming live CD from the band's original lineup in '78/'79. "We Were Here First, Live Volume 1" includes classic Jonny 3 performances of "Jack the Ripper"; "Hey, Baby", I Can't Help It", "Train, Train, Train, Train, Train", "Let Me Rock", and "Strangle Your Guitar". For those of us geriatrics who caught the band back then this release comes as a pleasant if unexpected surprise.

The band is looking for any old live tapes, especially with "Childhood Sweetheart", "Tonight I'm Going To Leave You", "Littleton Meter Maid", or any of the Western Welcome Week shows. Drop them an email if you have a good one.

Hear audio clips and find out how to order these CDs online via Paypal at the band's website Read Colorado New Wave/Punk Rock's exclusive interview with Kenny Vaughan.

April 2004

Colorado Daily, September 12, 1980 Means and Media Gala Punk Edition added.

March 2004

Exclusive new article "A Partial History of Denver's Alternative Music & Culture in the 80's" by Michael Lustig added to site. Michael was (and continues to be) a player on the music scene and was in the thick of all things Denver back in the early/mid 80s.

November 2003

Exclusive Frantix interview online here at Colorado New Wave/Punk Rock.

September 2003

frantixFrantix "My Dad's a fuckin' Alchoholic" CD released
The long awaited compilation from Denver legends Frantix has been released on Australia's Afterburn Records. The 16 track CD contains material from four sources:

  1. the 1980 Insane Tunnel Cassette recordings
  2. the 4 song 1982 Face Reality 7" release on Denver's Local Anesthetic Records
  3. the 3 song My Dad's a fuckin' Alchoholic 7" on Denver's Local Anesthetic Records
  4. live recordings from 1983.
The packaging contains detailed notes about the band's history and the early 80s Denver punk scene. The 'fuckin' Alchoholic' 7" EP is one of the most collectible records from the early Colorado punk era (along with the Defex 7" 45...hey, when's that coming out on CD? Ever?) and Afterburn Records has a real winner with this release. 20 years later these classic recordings make it onto CD for the first time!

To our knowledge this is the first non-bootleg release of these songs since their original vinyl and cassette release. For further information email Afterburn Records here. Look for more info about this new CD and Frantix on this website and read the October 9, 2003 review from Denver's Westword.

August 2003

j3 detroit poster bookiesNew Jonny 3 posters added to Gallery
Thanks to the folks at the new Jonny 3 website we've added new posters from 1978, 1979 and out of state to the gallery section.

New Corvairs compilation CD due by end of year
SourMash Records announces the upcoming release of a new 20 to 22 song compilation CD from the Boulder's Corvairs by the end of the year. The still as yet untitled CD will cover the bands entire 14 year career with songs from the band's 3 LPs and 2 EPs plus several previously unreleased tracks. This package will also include 2 rare videos.

Distibutors, record stores can inquire contact Sourmash Records here.

July 2003

Jonny 3 Reunites
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kenny Vaughan and Leroy X's writing team, The Jonny 3 have finally left the studio after 2 decades of writing and recording. We have literally hundreds of songs, and we are rehearsing our show with our new bass player. We're very excited to get out again. We believe our band is much better. Tougher songs, harder rocking, dumber jokes.

We should be gigging soon here in town. We're available for bar mitzvahs, bachelor parties, wet t-shirt contests, the Colorado Bongathon, and christenings of class a destroyers. We'll have CD's for sale soon with old and new recordings of old and new stuff in all sorts of compilations. Consider the possibilities.

Kenny's singing and playing his ass off, I still sweat when I play, and Andy is a great fit as bass player. He plays hard and has terrific energy. (He also gigs with the legendary Cheetah Chrome here in Nashville.)

Here's our preliminary website. It's brand new, so it's going to change a lot over the next few months.

December 2002

news clipViolators LP tops charts in Boulder, Colorado
From the Friday Magazine of the Boulder Daily Camera dated January 10, 2003 comes the news that the Italian import LP "Gun Control" from the Violators has risen to number one in sales at Boulder's Wax Trax records.

For more about the Violators visit their page on this site.

December 2002

lp coverNew Violators LP released in Italy
From the Rave Up Records website:
"Colorado crude punk rock, 100% pure Dead Boys style. Eight studio killer tracks + a wild live set. These guys didn't released anything during the late seventies but they were one of greatest and unlucky bands from the entire punk era!!! 1978 recordings!"

October 2001

Vintage Colorado punk CD -- "Denver Sessions '79" from The Corvairs
PreFab International Productions are pleased to announce the release of this new CD at the PreFab Group website. This CD contains 7 previously unreleased songs -- five from Boulder's The Corvairs and two from Joey Vain and Scissors (forerunners to The Corvairs).

If you are a collector of rare late 70s punk rock... or just a curious music lover...this CD is not to be missed!

May 2001

New guestbook and Forum
Both Coolboard and Live Universe the two companies that administrated our guestbook and Forum are the latest dotcom casualties. visit the new guestbook and disc. board administrated by Bravenet. Archived guestbook entries are here. Unfortunately all the disc. board entries were lost.

Magazine about Colorado music being developed
Colorado music empresario Andrew Murphy is compiling a one-time, historical magazine that will serve as a kind of scrapbook of underground music culture in Denver and beyond. Scheduled for publication in early spring or summer, the magazine will be stuffed with old photos and newspaper articles, as well as essays by those who remember the music scene as it was -- from the late '70s through the '90s -- and as it is. For details read the article in Westword. More information posted at this site as it becomes available!

April 2001

New Audio clips added
New audio clips added for Varve, Johnny Three, Corvairs, Transistors, Ravers and others

January 2001

Article in Boulder, CO newspaper.
Through the past of the local scene From the BOULDER DAILY CAMERA JANUARY 2001

. But there was a time when Colorado -- specifically Denver -- was known for a different sound. In the late '70s and early '80s a number of Colorado bands jumped on the punk/new wave bandwagon...
By Greg Glasgow

November 2000

Announcing.....a CD Compilation of '77-'79 Colorado punk/new wave bands
Announcing..... For your near-future edification and enjoyment....
...a compilation of Colorado (and mebbe one hick state to the north) new wave and punk bands spanning 1977 to 1979 will be available to satiate any curiousity you may have about what any of these bands sounded like. This comp will include all unreleased material from the following:

Joey Vain & The Scissors
Dancing Assholes
Jonny III
Dirty Dogs
Prophylactics ....and possibly more

Stay tuned. I'll be following up periodically with updates. Any questions or comments?.....Hit me.

Love, Mr. Rasmussen

Read more about the compilation CD on the Forum .

October 2000

Visit the new Forum .

August 2000

New posters, articles, interviews, band pages, record covers, denver wax trax scrapbook etc.
So much new stuff I can't list it here! Check it out.

Boulder, Colorado based musician Keith Murdock is offering original copies of late 70s-early 80s vinyl 45s of several Colorado New Wave and punk bands for sale. Artists include Defex, The Transistors, Cells, Leroy X and Kenny Vaughan (Johnny 3). Interested parties should contact Keith at

July 2000

New articles
The Secret History of Punk Rock: Visual Vitriol by David Ensminger

New Colorado band discography with record covers
Added Discography page

New press pages
The Varve
New Jonny III

New interviews
Jo Ann Gogue from The Varve
Kenny Vaughan from The Jonny 3
Leroy X from Leroy X and the Xcitations

June 2000

New articles
Wax Trax Revisited: Part One Denver by Jo Ann Seiger
Wax Trax Revisited: Chicago by Harry Young
Consecutive Seconds, New Music Homemade from 1979 by George Tysh
The Jonny Three Pump It Up from Westword 1979 by George Tysh
The Jonny Three Chronicles by Jo Ann Seiger
New photos and song list on Defex page
Jim Nash obit on Memorial page

Denver-based Music Producer Dalton Rasmussen is in the process of gathering original studio music tracks for an upcoming compilation CD. This new CD will focus on Colorado Punk and New Wave music of the late 70's and early 80's. Dalton has allready collected several songs from the era but is missing contributions from several key bands. Interested parties please contact Dalton here.

May 2000

Transistors Interview Added
1980 interview with the Transistors interview added to articles section.

April 2000

Audio Clips Added
Visit the audio page to hear late 70's Real Player clips from The Corvairs and Joey Vain and Scissors.

Copy of Defex 45 Auctioned at Ebay
The Defex 45 "Psycho Surfer" goes for $129.00! Visit the Ebay auction page.

March 2000

COLORADO NEWWAVE/PUNK ROCK site gets written up in Denver's WESTWORD Newspaper!
Interview and site review in articles section.

defex record coverNew Live DefeX LP
A new DefeX album will be released this month on Rave Up Records (Italy). Contains 12 songs recorded live in 1979. Full color picture sleeve, vintage photos and history of the band written by Chris Murdock (lead vocals of the band). All songs newly remastered. The album is in a limited edition of 500 copies. Read the DefeX interview.

The songs are:

  • intro
  • turn on
  • tomorrow
  • nuthin 2 say
  • sum body
  • I want you back
  • food
  • blink 2wice
  • dead heat
  • needjuh
  • u rilly got me
  • machine gun love

March 2000

website launches

communisim banner