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Phil Gammage
"Adventures in Bluesland"
Phil Gammage: Adventures in Bluesland

Phil Gammage
"Kneel to the Rising Sun"
20th Anniversary Edition

originally released on New Rose (France)
Phil Gammage: Kneel to the Rising Sun

The Scarlet Dukes
"Rogue Escapade"
Jump blues/swing
The Scarlet Dukes: Rogue Escapades
The Scarlet Dukes - Rogue Escapades

Certain General
"November's Heat" 1985's classic NYC post-punk LP
Certain General: November

Phil Gammage
"Tracks of Sound"
Edgy downtown jazz
Phil Gammage: Tracks of Sound
Phil Gammage - Tracks of Sound

by Icepick Phil
cells, nyc 1981
Cells in New York City, 1981
Kelly Clear, Andy Heermans, John Neulin
Cells were a Boulder based band featuring John Neulin on guitar/vocals, Andy Heermans on bass, Kelly Clear on drums and Warren Ryder on keyboards. An early version of the band was known as "The Noise". Bass player Heermans first saw The Noise peform at Boulder's Blue Note (on Boulder's new Pearl St. mall) club in '78 and soon joined the band newly renamed Cells.

During the year 1979 the group focused mostly on recording instead of live performance. A new Boulder recording studio called Northstar Studios while still in construction allowed Cells to come in during non construction hours and lay down several tracks, including two songs that would become the band's debut 45 "Uh-Oh" and "Terminal Thighs". On 'Thighs" Clears' brother Jay Clear played lead guitar. This red vinyl 45 has proven to be one of the most collectable and popular records from the Colorado late 70's new wave era.

Their debut single was released in the summer of '79 and quickly got a great review in London's Meloday Maker. The band began to peform a few shows in Boulder including a June 1979 date at the Blue Note with The Corvairs. By September of that year both bands, like so many other Colorado bands of that era, had left Colorado permanently in search of a larger audience and steady work.

In the fall of '79 Cells moved to the east coast, staying in Boston for 3 weeks before settling into a loft on Canal St. in New York City found by Neulin's girlfriend. At this time keyboardist Ryder left the band and returned to Colorado. Cells became a three piece band. The group then began peforming regularly in New York at venues such as Hurrah's, Max's Kansas City, and CBGBs. in 1981 a follow up single was released again on Rude Records.

cells After a 1982 tour of New England internal tensions along with Neulin's growing drug dependency forced Cells to pack it in. Andy Heermans' today is a recording engineer and producer and performs in FUN. Jon Neulin passed away in the early nineties in Seattle from a drug overdose. Drummer Kelly Clear left music and now works in the Film industry as a Gaffer(Chief Lighting Technician). He currently (6/01) is working on the new Steven Speiberg film" Minority Report" and has also done the lighting on over 50 Music Videos, Britney Spears, Cheryl Crow, Dido,Wheatus, The Cult, and many more .